Cryo Slimming

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Cryoskin uses revolutionary technology that alternates the application of hot and cold temperatures to reduce fat cells and tone and tighten the skin. Using a gentle massage technique, the service is both painless and non-invasive. CryoSlimming® is a localized slimming treatment which reduces inches and addresses stubborn areas that don't show results with diet and exercise alone. CryoSlimming® is a smoothing, toning, and firming treatment which improves collagen and elasticity in areas where they are lacking. CryoFacials help improve your complexion by increasing circulation, cell turnover, collagen and elasticity.


CryoSlimming® is a localized slimming treatment which addresses stubborn areas that diet and exercise alone are not enough to get ideal results.


CryoSlim uses low temperatures to destroy fat cells (fat freezing). The procedure uses no suction cups and is gentle to the skin. One session takes from 28 to 44 minutes only and is very comfortable. There is no downtime, and you can do your next session after only 2 weeks, which is the time necessary for the body to eliminate the dead fat cells. There is an instant inch loss from the first session, but it is recommended to do 5 sessions to complete one body area, and you could lose up to 5 inches in 5 sessions.